Set Goals and Limits for your Budgets

At Divvy, we understand that adhering to budgets can make or break your business. That’s why, to help every customer spend smarter, we:

-Require you to set up budgets before you spend

-Give you controls and real-time visibility to end overspending

-Make it easy for budget owners to actually own their budgets

We've updated our existing Goals feature to work with Limits, a new feature that’s now live in the Divvy platform.

image (1).png

-Goal: A goal is how much you want your team to spend in order to keep your budget on target.

-Limit: A limit is the spend number your team can’t exceed and is only set by admins.

Once you set a goal in Divvy, use the Spend Chart and Snapshot features to track your progress throughout the month. We updated the colors in our Spend Chart to make it easier to see how you’re doing.

If you want to make changes or set new limits, go to Budget Settings and make adjustments. Your budget goal can never exceed your budget limit, and your budget limit can never be less than your budget goal.