Divvy Inc. release notes
Divvy Inc. release notes

Transaction drawer improvements




You can now exit out of transaction drawers and filter drawers by clicking out of the drawer. Check it out.

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Divvy now works with Apple and Google Pay




Get the convenience of Apple and Google Pay with your Divvy card! When you add your Divvy card to Apple or Google Pay, it creates a digital version of that card. This card can be used from your phone or smartwatch through tap-to-pay, or online at any website checkout.

Pro Tip: New users can start spending using virtual cards or Apple and Google Pay even before their physical card has arrived.

Learn more about how Divvy works with Apple and Google Pay in our latest product updates blog.

This new feature is available for companies using Divvy’s Visa® Business cards. For customers who are not currently using Divvy Visa® Business cards but are interested, please visit getdivvy.com/credit/visa/ to join the waitlist and our team will be in touch!

Receipt preview and zoom




When reviewing transactions on the Divvy web application, you can now hover over a receipt thumbnail to get a preview before clicking into the receipt. If you want to get more detail, click into the receipt to zoom in on the image.

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Automatically sync your transactions




Divvy users that are taking advantage of Divvy’s accounting integrations can now choose to sync their transactions automatically. Simply activate the toggle within the QuickBooks or the NetSuite configure menu.

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Rep your company logo in the new nav bar




Your Divvy admin can now add your company logo to better represent your brand to all of your employees that are using Divvy. Find the directions in the help center to quickly help customers add their logo. Check out the help center for step by step instructions.


Find your way around Divvy with the new and improved navigation bar




With our latest update, you will now see names next to the icons in the left nav bar, making it easier to find what section of Divvy you are looking for. We’ve also included:

  • Collapsible menu: If you’d like to save space, you can collapse the left-hand navigation. Hover to expand: If you’ve collapsed the menu, hovering on the left part of the screen will allow you to easily re-expand it.

  • Secondary menu: Instead of using breadcrumbs to navigate deeper into parts of Divvy, like budgets, you can use the secondary navigation menu.

  • Switch between companies: In the top left corner you can click on your company name to quickly switch between company accounts if you are on multiple Divvy accounts.

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Return unused available credit to budgets




Ever had $.42 of available credit left in a budget that you aren’t going to use? It can drive you crazy when you can’t do anything about it. Now, you can easily send any available credit you don’t need back to the budget so it can be reassigned elsewhere.

Check it out.


*This feature is currently only available for budgets with Shared Funds functionality turned Off

See reward points by transaction




We’ve added more visibility around rewards. With this release, admins can now see how many points you’ve accrued at the transaction level for cleared transactions.

Just head to your Transactions page on either your Divvy web or mobile app and click on the transaction you’d like to view.

Please note that refunds will show a negative point amount.

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Pre-fill notes for virtual cards




To make it easier to keep notes on virtual card transactions, you are now able to pre-set a virtual card note that will autofill for all transactions on that card.

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Take a load off and let Divvy automatically match your receipts




For customers using Divvy Visa® Business cards* Divvy will now automatically match your receipts to transactions. Simply email your receipt, image, or attachment to [email protected], and we’ll take care of the rest!

You’ll get a status email letting you know if Divvy’s receipt matching robots were successful. Learn more here.

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*Not all customers are eligible for Divvy Visa® Business cards at this time. If you’d like to know if you qualify, please visit getdivvy.com/credit/visa/ to join the waitlist and our team will be in touch!