Divvy Inc. release notes
Divvy Inc. release notes

Faster transaction editing on mobile





You can now edit transactions in bulk on your mobile app. In the newest version of the app, long press any transaction, make your desired bulk edits, and save.

Check it out.

mobile bulk edit.gif

Create virtual cards on web with ease





Before this release, virtual cards were optimized to be created in our mobile app while on the go. We've now optimized the experience on our web application as well. From today onwards, create virtual cards from both mobile and web.

Member card on web.gif

NetSuite integration configuration page





We’ve made it infinitely easier to make adjustments to your integration with NetSuite with a newly added configuration page. The new configuration page allows you to adjust accounts, fields, and more without going back through the setup wizard.


View available credit from the mobile app





Divvy admins are now able to see their available credit limit straight from the mobile app. Check it out.

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 3.27.01 PM.png

Admins can access this screen by clicking the 'Credit, payments, statements' button under the More menu in the lower right corner of their screen.

Better budgeting with Monthly Budgets





With monthly budgets, you can see what was spent in the previous month, compare it to your spend for the current month, and look ahead to next month’s proposed spend with Budget Periods.

budget with padding.png

For any recurring budget, you can adjust future spend to help your business forecast better.

Bulk edit transactions for speed





Complete transactions faster with the new ability to select and edit multiple transactions at once.

Check it out.

bulk edit gif.gif

Post transaction review for accuracy





Admins and budget owners can now review transactions—and approve or deny them—individually or in bulk. This helps ensure that all transactions fit within your expense policy and are correct before syncing to your accounting software.

Check it out:

Divvy login updates





Great news! We've made your Divvy login and usage experience even better. Here are some of the improvements you can expect with this update:

  • Longer sessions without timing out
  • Mobile performance enhancements
  • More multi-factor authentication (MFA) options
  • Enhanced security features
  • A new login page design

If you have any questions, please check out our help articles here or contact our support team.

image (2).png

Easier employee invites





We’ve made it easier to send and resend Divvy invites to employees from the People page.

Check it out.


Mobile PDF receipt upload





To make it easier to complete transactions while you're on the go, you're now able to upload PDF receipts directly within the Divvy mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. The process is straightforward, but we have a step-by-step guide here if you need help.