Divvy Inc. release notes
Divvy Inc. release notes

Reimburse employees via ACH




Pesky expenses that don’t go on a Divvy card, like mileage or cash out of pocket expenses, can now be quickly reimbursed via ACH transfer. Best of all, reimbursements are now included for free. If you’ve already activated Reimbursements, turn on ACH via Settings > Reimbursements > toggle ACH to ON.

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If you’re new to Divvy Reimbursements, get started by activating Reimbursements within your Reimbursements Settings page or by enabling it via the reimbursements page itself. Remember, it’s free to use!

If you have questions, check out our FAQ.

Notification updates for added clarity when using Divvy




We did some work around notifications to add clarity to some of your Divvy experiences. Here’s what they include:

  • When you delete a user, you’ll be notified on what happens to that user’s card and transaction history once the user is deleted. (Spoiler: Divvy keeps all your transaction history even if the card or user is deleted.) Learn how to delete a person here.


  • When a user’s invitation to set their password expires, we show them what to do next. (Fun fact: Invitations to set passwords expire after 24 hours for security purposes.)


  • We made security app updates easier. Instead of making users jump through confusing hoops in and out of the app to receive important security updates, it’s all now done in-app and is much quicker.

Mobile receipt enhancements




New capability is available in the Divvy mobile app to allow you to:

  1. Download receipts from Divvy transactions onto your phone
  2. Share receipts from Divvy via email, text, Slack etc.

This enhancements makes it easier to share stored receipts with customers for reimbursement or whoever else might need them.

Sync Divvy transactions to QBO projects for profitability insights




For those using QBO Projects, your integration between Divvy and QBO now includes the ability to track and sync transactions directly to your projects. This makes it easy to track and control expenses and easily view project profitability within QuickBooks Online. Learn more here.

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Note: This feature currently only works for syncs of fewer than 1,000 projects.

Cards page improvements




We've made some adjustments to the cards page to make it more useful and easier to use. Here is what you can expect to see.

  • Status column - see and filter on cards that are "not activated", "active", and "frozen".
  • Improved filtering - filter by more options like Card types, Budget, Card status, Owner.
  • Summary footer - new footer information bar gives you a count of cards shown. This updates as filters are applied.
  • Vendor column renamed to "Last Merchant" to more clearly indicate that the column shows where the card was used last.
  • Expiration column - view and sort by your cards expiration date.
  • Download button - download your list of cards.

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Introducing a new role at Divvy: Bookkeeper




Different roles within Divvy all come with different permissions. The administrator, or admin, has full access to manage the Divvy platform for their company. Members who are Budget Owners have less access than Admins, but more control than Members who are only Budget Members, and so on.

We’re excited to introduce a new role within Divvy called Bookkeeper. This accounting role has the same permissions as admins in the Transactions and Statement areas of Divvy, but nowhere else. Bookkeepers also come with the appropriate restrictions to keep your company secure when working with your accounting team.


Bookkeeper roles can do the following on web and mobile:

  • See, review, and lock all company transactions
  • Attach receipts and input expense categories on all company transactions
  • Export transaction data or sync via accounting integrations
  • View budgets—if they are added to budgets
  • View their own cards—if they are given access to funds
  • Approve transactions as an “Admin” in Post Transaction Review
  • View and download historical statements

Learn more about Bookkeeper and other roles at Divvy here.

Divvy Credit Builder




Not all businesses can be approved for a line of credit right away. But with a pay-as-you-go option, the Divvy Credit Builder program puts every small business on a path to obtain a credit line, while providing them with the same easy-to-use expense management software and rewards as our standard card programs. Learn more about our new program here.

Filter your budget history




You are now able to filter the budget history for any given budget, making it easier to review various changes that have been made over your chosen date range. Learn more.

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Skip the mental math and split transactions by percentage





You now have the ability to split transactions by percentage right from the split transaction screen on the web app. Divvy will handle the math automatically.

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Add and divvy money faster with Roster improvements





We've made it even faster to add people to a budget - and divvy them money to spend. When creating a budget in your web browser, you can now pick people to add to the budget and specify how much of the budget they can spend in one step.

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We hope this makes it even faster to spend smarter!