Divvy Inc. release notes
Divvy Inc. release notes

Updates to transaction exports

We've made changes to the export’s column order to give you a more consistent experience. Starting today, the Notes field is the first custom field in your export. The rest are sorted alphanumerically.

Please check your templates and formulas to ensure they are still functioning correctly.

Improved UX on the People page

Our People page was given some love to streamline UX for our admins. With more improvements to come, you'll notice two changes that give the page a cleaner UI to make managing people easier.

  1. There is now an Options dropdown menu on the People page where we've consolidated the Send Invites and Order Cards actions for easy access and visibility.

Bookkeeper Options and Add Person page.gif

  1. You now have a full page to work with when adding a person to Divvy. This means you get more space to work in along with a cleaner sidebar to navigate from.


Update to CSV export

We’ve streamlined the way Notes are captured when you export a CSV so they behave like a custom field. Here’s what you need to know.

  • By default everything will show up in the export, but if you have the “Only export visible columns” checkbox selected and your Notes field isn't displayed in the interface, Notes will not export.

  • In order to make sure Notes show up, you'll need to either deselect that checkbox or make the Notes column visible in the interface.


It’s important to note that this update could potentially affect any mappings or formulas you have built.

Edit billing and mailing addresses via mobile

As an admin, you can now change your billing and mailing address from anywhere via mobile. Make these address changes by navigating to More > General. It’s as easy as that.

address changes.gif

Faster invoice management

To make managing your accounts payable even faster, you can now bulk select invoices. This means you can mark invoices, delete invoices or cancel payments in bulk.


Manage people on mobile

Managing your Divvy account just got easier! Now, admins can see, view, and edit the people in their company on mobile. In addition, all users can view and edit their own profile on their mobile devices.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 12.28.30 PM.png

Invoice table updates

We've made an improvement to the Invoice table in Divvy Bill Pay. The status column now has more specific and helpful options.

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 11.46.48 AM.png

See below for all the new and improved status options:

  • Unpaid - An invoice is not attached to a payment or an invoice is attached to a payment in “awaiting funds” status.
  • Scheduled - An admins has clicked "fund" on an invoice or an admins has scheduled the invoice to be paid in the future.
  • Initiated - The payment has been submitted, but payment has not been sent to the vendor yet.
  • Sent - The payment has been sent to the vendor.
  • Paid manually - An invoice was paid outside of Divvy.
  • Paid - Any invoice for which the vendor has received payment.

Card management update

We've updated the messages you receive if your card is declined when trying to make a purchase. Now, if your card is declined, you will know why and can take the appropriate action to fix it:

  • Cancelled card: Card has been cancelled. To avoid further declines, please remove this card from the merchant or use an active card.

  • Blocked card: Card has been blocked. Please check your transactions. Your card can be unblocked in the Divvy app.

Mark invoices as manually paid

A widely requested option for Divvy Bill Pay is the ability to mark invoices as paid manually - and now you can! This functionality enables admins to keep a clean system of record for all invoices within Divvy even if you pay vendors outside Divvy.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 12.26.15 PM.png

Add your route to a mileage reimbursement request

When requesting a reimbursement for mileage, it is very helpful to admins have details around the route their employee took. Now, employees can attach a screenshot of their maps to a reimbursement request for mileage, making tracking and approval easier and faster for admins.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 12.21.06 PM.png