Pay on Mobile

Now, you are able to make a payment to Divvy from your mobile device. This functionality helps customers who frequently travel or are away from their desks. In a few taps, you're able to submit payment from wherever you are!

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Faster Navigation with Breadcrumbs

We've added to the navigation within Divvy, making it easier than ever to get where you need to go. With breadcrumb navigation you will always know where you are and can quickly navigate in an out of areas within Divvy.

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This applies to all top level navigation within Divvy.

Easier Budget Management with Secondary Navigation

With this release, we’ve made it easier to navigate between different budgets that you are a part of.

Now, all users will see a secondary navigation menu when clicking on the budgets icon. This allows users to move in and out of budgets detail pages with ease.

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Weekly Digest Email for Spenders

While the experience in Divvy is intuitive, every so often, a few stragglers in your company may need a gentle reminder to finish up a few transactions.

To help automate this reminder process for you, we’re rolling out some new functionality: Weekly digest emails for spenders.

Each week, every spender in your company will receive an email letting them know if there are any lingering items they need to attend to—taking the reminder burden off you and your admins. Spenders will be able to click through and complete their transactions right from the email (whether they’re on mobile or desktop).

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This functionality can be turned on in your settings.

Update: Physical Card Active Budget

To help users who can spend from multiple budgets, we've streamlined how budgets work with your card.

When you go to spend on your physical card, the budget you're set to spend from will now always be the last budget you selected.

Should you not have adequate funds in the active budget, the transaction will be placed in your budget with the most funds.

Bulk Funding of Payments in Bill Pay

Divvy customers using Bill Pay can now fund multiple payments at once. This helps simplify the payment of multiple invoices, saving time and effort for admins.

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Please note: Customers will not be able to create Flex Plans when using bulk funding.

Divvy Capital

Divvy now offers Divvy Capital, a real-time, flexible funding solution.


Designed to improve your cash flow with the click of a button, Flex Plans for Bill Pay is the premier Divvy Capital product. Qualified Divvy customers get an automatic Flex Limit they can use to pay vendors in Bill Pay.

When using Bill Pay, customers can upload their invoice and select the vendor they wish to pay. A new option will be available to select customers when picking the funding source: Flex Plan. Customers will be able to choose a 1, 2 or 3 month plan with a corresponding fixed fee starting at 0.9%, 1.4% or 1.9%.*

From there, Divvy pays your vendor, and automatically withdraws payments to repay the Flex Plan according to the chosen schedule.

*Fee rates based on eligibility and subject to change. Not all customers are eligible for the lowest rates.

Direct Budget Spend

With this update, new budgets will automatically have direct budget spend turned on (meaning that budget owners can spend from the available amount in budgets they own without divvying themselves any funds). Admins will be able to turn this functionality on and off, and apply it to previously created budgets.

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Bulk Invoice Selection in Bill Pay

It's now easier for customers leveraging Bill Pay to pay multiple invoices at once. When paying a vendor, customers can select all the invoices they'd like to pay at one time, increasing the efficiency of their invoice management process.

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Auto-fill Invoice Fields using OCR for Bill Pay

Inputting invoices into Bill Pay just got more automated with the release of OCR technology in Divvy.

OCR technology helps streamline your invoice management process by reducing manual work required to prepare invoices for payment.

When you upload an invoice, Divvy will automatically make suggestions for important fields, like invoice number, amount due, due date, and invoice date.

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Check out the following blog post for more information about OCR technology and how it can help save you time in your payment fulfillment process.