Additional Verification Options

To help keep your account more secure, we are now allowing date of birth as a way to verify Divvy accounts in the case of fraud.

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Users can now add their date of birth, which makes it easier for us to verify a user's identity in the case of fraud when chatting with Divvy support.

Faster, better import of users

We've made some helpful updates to how you can add users in Divvy.

First, to save you and your admins time, you can now upload people in bulk through our CSV importer.

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Second, when you add new users, you can decide if they need a physical card for spending. If so, simply check the box and a physical card will be ordered for them! If you think they only need to spend online using virtual cards, they're ready to spend as soon as you add them (and divvy them budget).

Check out this help article to learn more.

In-app Card Ordering

Now, you can request a replacement card from within Divvy.

Replacement Card Ordering.gif

Admins are able to request a new physical card from their dashboard, and spenders can request from their mobile devices. To ensure cards get to the right person and place, users can choose to expedite cards, specify the recipient name and specify an alternate mailing address.

Reimbursements in Divvy

Employees can now submit out of pocket expenses and mileage for reimbursement in Divvy. For admins, a two-step approval process allows control without complexity, making reimbursements in Divvy easy to use and painless to administer.

Save time with streamlined budgets

We've updated the functionality and design of budgets to make it easier to complete common tasks. For a look at all the updates, check out this video:

Newly Designed Invoice Coding

To facilitate easier management of your accounts payable process, we’re excited to announce the launch of some impactful changes to invoice coding.

  • You can now assign a budget and code your expenses the moment you input an invoice. This allows you to record spend against a budget regardless of when you actually complete a payment.
  • You can now add multiple line items to one invoice to track your expenses across categories.

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.50.44 PM.png

Improved security with Multi-factor Authentication

Fraud comes in many forms these days, including phishing attempts, credential stuffing attacks, and social engineering. The one thing these forms of fraud all have in common is if any of these attacks are successful, they can wreak havoc on your business and waste many hours of your time to resolve.

In our continued effort to make your experience with Divvy as secure as possible, we’re rolling out multi-factor authentication to all Divvy clients and users.

MFA will require all users to provide a phone number in order to confirm their identity via SMS/text. For more information, please see our help center.

Mobile Statements

For admins who want to manage their accounts on-the-go, you can now view and interact with your credit card statements on mobile.

Statments list.png

By clicking into any statement, you can see payments, fees, adjustments and transactions. You can also click into any transaction and make adjustments to categorization of transactions.

You can share the PDF of their statement through any means allowed on their device.

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Shared Budget Funds Now Available

We often hear from customers that they'd like to be able to create a "shared pool of funds" or "slush fund". For example, they want a lunch budget that anyone can be added to. With this release, it's easy to create exactly this type of flexible budget!

To enable this in any budget, simply turn on Shared Budget Funds for everyone. This will allow all members and owners in the budget to spend from the total budget amount.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.57.35 AM.png

Send Funds

We’ve made it easier than ever to get your team the funds that they need. Budget owners and admins can now send funds to any user from both the mobile app and desktop in bulk.


Budgets owners and admins can send funds to multiple people at once, even if they aren't currently in the budget. Users funds will automatically update and any users not already in the budget will be added automatically.