Divvy Inc. release notes
Divvy Inc. release notes

Seamless expense reconciliation with Divvy + QuickBooks Desktop.




We’re excited to announce that Divvy now integrates with QuickBooks Desktop through a powerful integration provided by Bill.com. Starting with the swipe of your Divvy card, and ending with a triggered sync directly with the credit card transaction module of your QuickBooks Desktop account. Follow our step-by-step guide to get connected in 10-15 minutes.

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Reimbursements added for Bookkeepers




We have expanded the functions of the Bookkeeper role to include expanded reimbursement permissions. This highly requested expansion allows Bookkeepers to view, edit and manage all reimbursements, providing greater visibility into company spend and overall account activity. Bookkeepers can access this view from the left navigation.

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Card view expanded for Bookkeeper role

[New] We have expanded Bookkeeper permissions to include a view of all Divvy cards in the organization. Bookkeepers will now be able to see card information and transaction details, giving them a more complete picture of how card activity ties to budget and spend. The added visibility makes the Bookkeeper role more versatile and allows them to better support the company Admin.

Cards issued by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

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Login assistance when you need it




Trouble logging in? We’ve all been there before. Our login screen now features a link to some helpful guidance to get you logged in or reset your password. Simply click the ‘Trouble logging in?’ link on the login page to get the help you need and get back to spending smarter.

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Instantly receive your statement credit




You no longer have to wait several days for your statement credit reward redemption to take effect. As soon as you redeem your rewards points for a statement credit, it will immediately be applied to your Divvy balance.

Summertime login screens




We’ve given the Divvy login page a new look for summertime. Randomized design updates like this offer some fun, seasonal variation for customers, but more more importantly, they make it more difficult for fraudsters to mimic our pages and attempt scams. The summer vibes are available on both our mobile app and the web app.

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Manager-based approval flows




Divvy is now equipped with the ability to capture manager-based approvals for both transactions and reimbursements. A new manager field allows you to dictate manager-employee relationships so managers can approve their direct reports' transactions, even if the manager is not in the budget the transaction came from.

Transactions - Edit All transactions.png

With this new capability, you’re able to allow for reimbursement specific approval flows and for approval flows that don’t perfectly match your budget structure within Divvy. Learn how to get started here.

Better insight into your rewards




Managing and understanding your rewards is now easier than ever. You now have an entire dashboard that gives you better insight and visibility into how you accrue and redeem your rewards points. Check it out:

Rewards dashboard.png

Physical gift card redemption




Historically, you’ve only been able to redeem gift cards virtually. Your options have now expanded to include physical gift cards as well! Physical cards are easy to use in person and make for more tangible gifts for employees. The next time you go to redeem rewards, try out your new option to redeem physical gift cards and have them mailed wherever you’d like.

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Speed up your month end and reduce your administrative burden




Closing the books is hard enough, and it’s even harder when employees don’t fully categorize their Divvy transactions. We’re excited to announce that you can now easily send mobile app notification reminders to every person with missing transaction information within Divvy.

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Consolidate your effort, reduce your administrative burden, and get the information you need to close your books in just a few clicks with Divvy’s new reminder notifications. Learn how to get started with our step by step guide.