Divvy Inc. release notes
Divvy Inc. release notes

Copied budgets now pull in existing settings for custom fields




Now when you copy a budget, the custom fields settings for that budget will carry over as well.

Two-day shipping




You can now ship Divvy cards out faster than ever before. In addition to standard and expedited shipping, we’re now offering 2-day shipping for physical card orders for an added cost.

Card activation confirmation email




All Divvy users will now receive an email confirmation when they activate their physical card. This email will also include a link to log into Divvy so they have easy access to the spend management solution that powers their card.

First virtual card—ready for new users




To make it easier for new Divvy users, we now automatically create their first virtual card as soon as they have funds available for them to spend. (Which is a good reminder for admins to make sure you add new users to a budget and allocate funds to them from said budget so they can spend without any hiccups!) And don’t worry, we won’t spin up this first virtual card for them until they have approved funds available to them.

With their first virtual card ready for them, new users can start spending with Divvy online and also add this card to their Apple or Google wallet while they wait for their physical card to arrive in the mail. It’s a win-win!

Card issued by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

Mastercard issued by Wex Bank pursuant to license by Mastercard International.

The Auditor role




You can now assign “view and export” access to your account, without giving any edit/approve permissions. The new Auditor role offers full visibility without any unwanted activity. It’s the perfect way to share your account with your auditing team or external accountant so they can watch you spend smarter with Divvy. Visit the People page to assign the role or add a new Auditor.

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The Divvy to-do list




We know you're busy, and Divvy's goal is to make your expenses easier for you to manage. That’s why we’ve created an interactive to-do list on your Divvy dashboard where we show your most important tasks to review and take action on. Whether you’re a Divvy admin, bookkeeper, or spender, you’ll know exactly what needs attention to ensure no one is waiting on you.

Depending on your role, your to do list will include…

  • Fund requests
  • Reimbursement requests
  • Incomplete transactions
  • Post transaction reviews

Log in on the web to check it out on your Divvy dashboard or find it on the Alerts tab in the Divvy mobile app.

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Get location information for your transactions




As an additional alert against fraudulent transactions, you will now be able to see where your physical card transactions are taking place geographically. Find the new locations details within your transaction information.

Learn more.

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Find Divvy in Suite Apps!




Netsuite users can now find Divvy in their SuiteApps after logging in to directly integrate; Netsuite users can now search and find Divvy in their SuiteApps after logging in; it’s also available on Suiteapp.com With direct connection to Divvy through Suite Apps, the implementation of integrating Divvy to Netsuite will be significantly more convenient and seamless. Learn how to get started with Netsuite Integration for a OneWorld account.

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Sage Intacct Payee Field Sync




If your Sage Intacct instance does not support creation of Vendors via the API to Divvy, you can now use the Payee sync feature to sync the Merchant name from Divvy to the Payee field in Intacct. This will also solve for the error “Transaction could not sync because related Vendor did not sync”. Learn more here.

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Card shipping status visibility for all




Now all spenders (not just admins) will have visibility into their physical card order status. Whether they ordered their card themselves or an admin did so on their behalf, they can now see when a card was requested, printed, shipped, and activated.

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