Divvy Inc. release notes
Divvy Inc. release notes

Spend approval flows that match your org chart




You can now customize your approval flows by adding or removing layers of approval and choosing whether those approvals should happen in a specific order or in any order. Learn how to get started with our step by step guide.

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Excel export for transactions




Love using Excel to reconcile your transactions? Well, you can now select to export transactions as an XLSX file to quickly start working in Excel. Learn more about exporting your transactions here.

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Receipt auto-validation




If you’re a Divvy Admin, you’ve probably spent time double-checking receipts to make sure they are real and that they’re attached to the proper transaction. Divvy will now automatically verify if receipts match using optical character recognition technology, saving you time in the review process. If the transaction has been “Auto validated,” you can trust that it's real and matches. Learn more about receipt auto-validation here.

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Daily and weekly budgets




There are two new reset frequencies to choose from for your budget funds. In addition to yearly and monthly, budget periods can now be chosen as weekly or even daily. We’ve added these new options to help fit your business needs for budgets that need to be managed on a shorter timeline.

You’ll see these new options in the dropdown menu when creating a new budget.

Please note, if the daily or weekly frequency is chosen and the budget is created, the budget period cannot be changed. However, yearly and monthly periods can still be changed after the budget has been created.


Visibility into disputed transactions




Have you ever disputed a transaction and felt left in the dark about what was happening with it? Well, now you can see exactly what’s happening with your disputed transactions. After disputing a fraudulent transaction, you can click on it to access all the dispute details and see where it's at in the process. Learn more here.

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Call or Text to Activate your Physical Card




Divvy users could only activate their physical card through the Divvy mobile app. Though we still love that option because of how streamlined other useful tasks are on the mobile app, we’ve made it so you can also activate your card by call or text. These new methods are so simple that the instructions are included on the Divvy card itself.

So now you have three ways to activate your card. What method will you use to activate your card the next time around?

QBD Transaction Link Sync




Get more control in reconciliation during your expense approval process. Toggle on and off to enable transaction link sync or choose to swap the transaction link placement between the memo fields at the Header or Line level. Customize how you want organize your workflow. Learn more about this capability here.

Merchant Controls




You now have the ability to control where employees can spend company funds by setting Divvy merchant controls. For example, if a budget is only for travel, you can block all merchants that aren’t travel specific.

With merchant controls, the days of employees using business cards on unapproved transactions are behind you. Learn how to create these controls here.*

*Merchant controls is only available for companies using Divvy’s Visa® Business cards. Not all customers are eligible at this time. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact Customer Support at getdivvy.com/contact/.

Greater fraud protection




Your security is our priority, and we’ve made significant improvements to our fraud detection system to keep your Divvy cards even more secure. Now, whenever a suspicious transaction gets declined, you will receive an alert that will allow you to verify the transaction or confirm that it’s fraudulent. If fraud is detected, your card will automatically be canceled, and we will help you replace it as quickly as possible. Learn more about transaction security alerts here.

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The all new Application Dashboard




We’ve updated our Application Dashboard with a sleek new design and features to help simplify the application process. A colorful new layout, clear descriptions and simple visuals allow you to quickly check on the status of an application and upload any required documentation. You can even use our new QR code upload feature to add documents to your application from your mobile phone in a new quick taps.

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